Therapeutics, including medications, supplements, and other treatments, are an important strategy for living a healthier, longer life. With the right combination of medications, supplements, and treatments, it is possible to reduce inflammation, prevent age-related diseases, and potentially extend lifespan.

Please note: all of the following is still a work in progress


mTOR Inhibitors

mTOR inhibitors are a type of medication that have been shown to have potential anti-aging and life-extension benefits. They are targeted to a specific enzyme, mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin), which regulates cell growth and metabolism, and can be used to slow down the effects of aging. Studies have shown that mTOR inhibitors may help to reduce inflammation, prevent age-related diseases, and even extend lifespan. They are most commonly used to treat certain types of cancer and as immunosuppressive drugs for organ transplant patients, but have been explored for their potential in anti-aging and life-extension therapies.

Lipid Lowering Medications

Blood Pressure Medications

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